The Best Professional Audio Editing Software

Top 10 audio editing software

The best audio editing software for PC is that one which you master; However, there will always be software that stands out for a variety of reasons, such as its user interface, amount of plugins and tools.

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Bitwig Studio – while it is a young program (does not have more than 4 years), has a series of tools that can take advantage of the most meticulous editors. Its most recent version has compatibility with touch screens (Windows 10) so that the user interface is much more friendly. If i have to pick this will be the best software for audio editing.

Avid Pro Tools – excellent for those who record and edit music. It is in the music industry and is the preferred tool of many audio engineers. The application already offers support in the cloud.

Propellerhead Software Reason – this program It has much evolved with the passage of time. It was more limited, but today it has a series of production tools to make more elaborate mixtures.

Cakewalk Sonar – the advantage of this program lies in its new subscription model. Thus not only users have with the latest edition of the program, but with online support. Stability and performance are the cherry on the cake.

Cockos Reaper – for those who don’t know, Reaper is a digital audio workstation cross-platform very cheap and very sophisticated MIDI/Audio abilities. The demo is fully unlocked, and you can make the most so you animes you to buy it.

PreSonus Studio One – with the passage of the years, this digital audio workstation has matured and has become one of the most reliable on the market. It has a much more powerful and creative set and a more professional feeling.

Apple Logic Pro – thought especially MAC users who like the colorful and want to take advantage of the Edit Bar coming in the new Mac Books. Although their reviews do not have significant changes, we can say that their versions are always solid.

Steinberg Cubase Pro – as old as the Atari, but useful as the most practical tools, Steinberg Cubase Pro offers the best tools, filters and other wonders to the most dedicated audio editors. It also has 8-band equalizer. His maturity as a program is what gives more value to the user.

Ableton Live – changed the rules of design in the world of digital audio editing since its launch in 2001. It could record instruments that amazed all editors and sound recordists. Live was the muse who helped the creation of other programs and applications for digital audio editing.

Image-Line FL Studio – aspiring young producers in the music industry, started with this program, which, with the passage of time, became all a feeling. It is not a program for those who begin to edit audio, quite the opposite; it has very deep production tools coming out of all the canons to the Edition. The best? Your free updates.

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