Ulove Password Manager — Product Info

When you have a forum to login or When you intend to write a new mail, Do you have the experience of a sudden forgotten password or account number?
Ulove Software for password management can help you change this kind of experience. Ulove Password Manager can remember a lot of the account numbers and passwords. and These account numbers or passwords are encrypted. Only need to remember one account number and password,When you need to find out when landing on the software can be found.

The software easier to use?
En,Yes.After you establish an administrator account,You can insert or update or delete your account number or password to the records. When you close the software, account numbers and passwords will be automatically preserved.

Key features:
1.This information is kept encrypted safely.
2.Only need to remember one account number and password.
3.When you landed, the other account numbers and passwords can be found soon.
4.It supports skins.

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