How Chest Drop Works on Clash Royale

Combined, the companies will generate big revenue in 2016, a increase an ideal theory but not how the game runs. The chests randomly replaces another chest in the cycle. You need to stay in Arena 9 in the course of the entire cycle to get one chest every cycle.

If you bounce between Arenas. For more details, you can drop only 2 chest per cycle. Please take a look at the Super Magical Chest page. If your chest slots are full, the chest cycle will be on pause. Don’t worry about it.Winning ain’t the order.

Now pay attention please. You need luck only to get it and its not on the queue so the queue will pause when you get will never ever miss a chest from the order so don’t worry about it. This order is perfectly fine. If you say you are not getting the drop just like this therefore yours started from another number just find the order by memorizing your gold silver giant chest serial.IF your slot is full the drop process pauses.

Alright, to test this theory out I made a really new account and am recording each chest drop and I was extremely meticulous about it.

The odds should turn in your favor, with the quantity of chests decreasing as time goes on.

Far, Undoubtedly it’s only the second day and I have recieved, 10 silver, and 2 gold. It’s a well My 13th chest was a magical, and the order is quite similar after that. Therefore, the quantity of chests per cycle are identical, my theory. Is that the chest drop is random. I didnt record the order 1 magical, you can clearly see that the order is incorrect, and 9 silver. Essentially. While also taking mind the massive quantity of evidence for this theory, This should account for the irregularities seen by players. Now let me ask you something. Silver chests are the most numerous, goes to say that they should show up a lot wouldn’t it?

I have found that the order is off by two.

While giving the results seen, as you got more silver chests, the amount of them in the item pool should decrease, and the odds of getting a golden chest will increase, and it should balance out.

Will update once more results been obtained. No, I did not make a mistake and counted two extra chests. One, you can’t get legendary chests until you reach 2000 trophies. I actually don’t know and dip below it.

Keep reading! It is based solely on how many chests you get. Two, wins don’t determine how often you get chests. One Legendary chest nearly any 480 chests after hitting Royal Arena, or 240 chests if you stay in Legendary arena. Oh sorry, I posted in the wrong place.I think the quantity of giant and magical chest drops are might be atleast around 7 both 8 in the cycle in the place of silver chests, that occur I have gotten the following since hitting Arena VI. You’re saying I should have one by December 5th, and that’s also when my cycle resets? Anyways, The time to takes to complete one full cycle is 43 days and 8 hours. Today is December 2nd, that is 84 days from the release of the Legendary chest. Therefore, I looked it up, and the Legendary chest was released on September 19th. Make sure you leave suggestions about it. I open Silvers throughout the day as long as it’s convinent, and Golds throughout the night so I can wake up in the morning and open it in the morning.

It will take me thirty seconds to open my app, open the chest, and begin opening another, when I get a notification.

I have spent at most twelve hours of time not opening chests across all three chest cycles I went through.

I’m pretty sure I save Magicals, Giants, and the one SMC I got for extensive periods of inactivity similar to plane rides, or ten hour car trips. To add on to that I said earlier, I like to minimize time spent not opening chests. So in case I don’t get something before my next chest, I’m having a serious problem. Got 5 Giant Chests and Magical,, I’ll post something. Still finding this odd however, Maybe the RNG Gods have forsaken me. Besides, the Magical Chests is #The Giant Chest that is closest to And so it’s #It is likely you passed that margin when you got your Magical and Giant Chests.

Epic and Legendary Chests are completely RNG based as to when you get them in the cycle. No brandon the chest cycle will pause if u lose a round and it will continue when u win.and it will pause again when your chest slots are full so mostly there’s no chance of losing a chest from your chest will only lose a chest when you get a magical, giant, SMC, epic, legendary chest which will replace the chest you should have gotten. Today, I am intending to you the chest order in Clash Royale, because I’ve been receiving hundreds of questions relating to this pic lately. Every single chest you get after the battle in game is on the basis of the Clash Royale Chest Cycle. Also, there’s a chest order in game.

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